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E897 - Suzuki Electronic Taisho Koto (Taishogoto) Nobara (Wild Rose) TES-370 (NgYL) in Choa Chu Kang Crescent, North Singapore for sale

E897 - Suzuki Electronic Taisho Koto (Taishogoto)
E897 - Suzuki Electronic Taisho Koto (Taishogoto) Nobara (Wild Rose) TES-370 (NgYL)
E897 - Suzuki Electronic Taisho Koto (Taishogoto) Nobara (Wild Rose) TES-370 (NgYL)
E897 - Suzuki Electronic Taisho Koto (Taishogoto) Nobara (Wild Rose) TES-370 (NgYL)

SUZUKI instrument electronic Taishogoto Wild Rose (Nobara) TES-370.
37-key, 2-string.
An electronic Taisho Koto with 16 musical equipment sounds like Taisho Koto, Sakuhachi, Shamisen and etc; and 21 exotic percussions.
Length is about 81cm,
Weight about 2.6kg.
Operations verification done.
With some minor scratches and dents, however it does not affect the performance and the beauty of the instrument.
NOBARA (wild rose) is an electronic musical instrument:
It was made for playing Japanese traditional music and made by SUZUKI.
It is very beautiful with exotic shape designed dark wine red case,
With 37-key keyboard (looks like keys of vintage computer) and 2-string bridge and 3 assignable drum pads.
It has 16 instrument sounds (including exotic Japanese traditional instruments like Koto Shamisen, Shakuhachi etc) and 21 exotic percussions.
You can access more hidden sounds by using MIDI programme No. from external midi keyboard
It has internal speaker, audio output, headphone output and MIDI IN/OUT.
You can play NOBARA by keyboard (polyphonic) or 2-string bridge (monophonic) and 3 drum pads.
This unique 2-string bridge can play by usual guitar pick, hold one key of the keyboard and play 2-string bridge by pick like guitar.
2-string bridge is monophonic, it is similar to Taisho Koto (Taishogoto),
Japanese harp musicians often use fast trill play so it needs 2 strings with same sounds and there is metal mute plate to mute the sound by finger touch.
string is touch sensible with velocity and totally electronic device,
it's not just simply electrical amplified like usual electric guitar
NOBARA has MIDI so you can play another MIDI synthesizer by this 2 string bridge.
it's very effective for guitar, bass kind of string instruments
it's like guitar synthesizer feeling
3 drum pads are also touch sensitive and can playing by your fingers
assign drum sounds to pad is very easy, just hold one key and hit the one pad in drum mode
of course drum sounds consists of many exotic Japanese traditional percussion.
It includes some ordinary drum sounds, especially bass and snare is cool electronic sound like KRAFTWERK's drum sound, of course in drum mode you can play all of them on keyboard.
NOBARA's sounds are high quality, exotic and strange. Very unique original sounds and playing by 2-string bridge with pick is very fun.
NOBARA has MIDI so you can play these exotic sounds from your sequencer or another MIDI device
NOBARA was very expensive and made in limited quantities in those days